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Alternative Health Care Services

Have a heart for people’s health and well-being? Check out these alternative health care services as franchise options—so you can acquire personal success while making a difference in the community.


Passionate gearheads choose from our variety of top franchise brands so they can make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. If you’re considering an automotive-related franchise whether it’s product-based or service-based, we got you.

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Looking for an in-demand franchise? Invest in a solid business in the building/construction industry. People are always looking to buy, rent, or renovate their homes. With us, you can choose from businesses that work on the initial planning of a home build to renovations on existing houses.

Business Services

Love the ins and outs of business and entrepreneurship? From design to analytics to coaching to recruitment and a lot more, we have your back. Pick one that piques your interest the most and become a successful entrepreneur that helps other businesses.

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Child Services

If you have a passion for kids, you can start a franchise business that helps them in different areas like academics, sports, and other exciting activities. Talk about owning a business that’s thrilling and impactful at the same time!

Cleaning Services

You can never go wrong in this industry. We’ve partnered up with franchise businesses that offer in-demand services that help people with anything related to cleaning. Choose one and start owning a lucrative business that you know won’t fail you.

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Commercial Flooring Maintenance Services

Flooring represents one of the largest investments owners will make when building their properties. Imagine the possibilities of running your own flooring maintenance franchise—endless! Expect a steady revenue increase with these brands because of the population growth in urban and suburban areas.

Commercial Waste Management

Every day, tons of waste is generated in the United States. That’s why revenue in the waste management industry is also growing massively. If you’re looking to start your own franchise while creating a positive outcome in society, our commercial waste management franchise businesses are for you.

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Events & Entertainment

Thinking of running an interesting business in the entertainment industry? We have multiple franchise options that will fit your lifestyle and business goals. Starting a business doesn’t have to be boring, so call us to learn about our available brands!

Financial Services

Let’s talk finances. What do you say we help you own a business that helps people with their finances? Choose one that would most likely enjoy running—from taxes to accounting and financial training!

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Food & Beverage

Explore our top food franchise brands that can compete and last for a long time. We make sure you have everything you need to run one successfully like a well-oiled machine. Burgers, burritos, chicken, coffee, and more – it’s all here!

Health Services

Healthcare is the fastest-growing industry in the world as it expands rapidly and helps more people every day. Join a rising sector and become a part of impacting improvement in the community without stressing yourself out.

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Home Improvement/Maintenance Services

Do you desire a more beautiful home? DIY is an excellent approach for the hobbyist, but why not turn your passion into a lucrative career? Let us help you connect to one of our franchise partners in the home improvement industry below.

Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance

If you want to provide a range of services relating to gardens and outdoor spaces, from mowing lawns to designing and constructing complex features, choose from one of our partners to assure you of the significant long-term goals you have.

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Office Services

All businesses require certain products and services. There’s a huge gap in meeting their needs, and right now it could be you that they run to whenever they need something for their business. Invest in this industry with our trusted brand partners!

Personal Care Services

Consumers nowadays are spending more to take care of themselves. Self-care is now a vital part of an overall wellness plan. That’s why starting a business in one of these services can allow you to reap the rewards of making personal care more accessible.

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Pet Services

People love and adore their pets. 70% of households in the US own a pet—most of them would do anything to keep them happy, healthy, and full of life. If you can relate to this, a franchise from our Pet Services area can give you tons of good choices to choose from.

Real Estate Services

Property is a fundamental part of the economy. A limited resource that we all rely on! When you start owning a real estate services franchise, they’ll make sure you won’t run out of things to work on. Training, orientation and everything else you need to succeed.

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Repair & Restoration

Thinking of a recession-proof, in-demand franchise business? Consider the repair and restoration brands we have for you to choose from. It’s easy to start up and has low overhead. Now that’s a franchise!


Dreaming of distributing goods and services as a business model? If you love interacting and engaging with people as you run your business, this might be for you. Enjoy the entrepreneur retail life with one of our many partners you can choose from.

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Senior Services

Want to take care of those who can’t look after themselves, but want to stay at home? Senior services franchising is a great way for you to express your advocacy and the cries of your heart for the elderly. Choose from our profitable options!


Love the gym, exercising, and other sports activities? Run a business that would make you excited to wake up every morning because you know you’re doing what you love while making good money out of it.

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Technology Services

If you’re into tech and you want to focus on that industry, you’re in the right place. We’ve partnered up with brands that work with tech and would love to have you onboard! Find the one that best meets your financial goals and budget and you’re good to go.

Travel Services

Someone out there is traveling and having a hard time booking a vacation leave. This is what travel services are for — help people with figuring out the details in planning and preparing. Will this be your franchise this year?

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Want a franchise that requires almost little to no effort in maintaining it? You’ll still be that business owner—but this time you don’t have to overthink it. Get money in your pocket 24/7 by choosing from one of our vending franchise brands.

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